Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ever Wondered?

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I have insomnia. The kind they use as a model for torture and interrogation techniques. I swear this kind of health problem was birthed in Hell itself, but I digress. Staying up when everyone else is asleep can expose you to some strange things and make you wonder. I recently found answers to some of those questions. Maybe you have some mysteries of your own you'd like answered.

Part of this started because I wondered why sleep deprivation was even considered as a torture technique in the first place -- or as a means to get people to provide information. Then I noticed a few things.

#1. I have fibro and my pain is so much worse after lack of sleep. I did some checking and it's not just fibro patients that feel pain worse after lack of sleep. 
#2. Infomercials fill the TV stations late at night. I used to think it was because the audience wasn't there for better programming but now I think they target those up late at night because they aren't thinking as clearly. I wrote an entire first draft of a novel when I was up all night for several months that nearly convinced me not to continue writing. I can attest to the fact that I wasn't making the best choices (plus I actually had the phone in my hand for two or three of those infomercial products). {blushes}

So I solved a couple of my mysteries, but I still wonder why children's cartoons and programming are on in the middle of the night. Are there a lot of little children up at 2 - 3 am to watch their shows? Maybe I'm naive, but I thought they were asleep - or should be. I know there are exceptions like when you're child is really ill, but I would think a DVD would work in situations like that.  

How about you? Anything you've always wondered about? How about a mystery you recently solved?