Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I broke a fingernail on Saturday. I'm not a high maintenance girly girl, but I do have long fingernails. I don't do much of anything with them - and breaking one didn't hurt my heart or anything - but it did make me think.

The nail had covered the skin on the end of my pinky. Breaking that nail exposed sensitive skin. It didn't hurt - but everything felt differently - and ... more.

I found myself constantly touching it -- and using it to touch other things. I would use it to pet my cats, feel the fabric on my couch, the cold of my water bottle ... It was like noticing all my everyday things in a brand new way.

The experience gave me a new appreciation for the blessings I'd been taking for granted. I found myself wishing that I could break the fingernail of my heart and soul so I could be like a child -- in awe-- aware of and discovering everything and everyone around me. Loving in that no-holds-barred - nothing held back kind of way.

So, today I'm thankful for a broken fingernail and the lessons it taught me.