Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Cat That God Sent - Review

Summary: Jake Wilkerson, a disillusioned young pastor who is an expert at hiding his fears, takes on a new assignment at a small rural church in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. It's a far piece from anywhere and full of curiously odd and eccentric people, including Emma Grainger, a single woman and a veterinarian who dismisses all Christians as "those people," and Tassy, a young runaway with a secret. His first day on the job, however, Jake is adopted by Petey - a cat of unknown origins and breed - but of great perception. Petey believes that he is on a mission from God to redeem Jake and bring him and his quirky friends back to the truth.

My Take:

I am kind of torn on this book. I am a serious cat lover (I currently have 9 and I have had three others who died) so I was very interested in how a cat would be handled. 

I saw this picture shortly after I started reading the book (courtesy of Love Meow). This fits my idea of Petey more than the cover image. He was described as looking part wild, dignified, and this just fit my imagination so much better so I thought I would share it with you.

I don't think I have known a cat that would be so concerned with being a "good" cat. That phrase is used a lot and it sounded much more dog than cat. He also paints Petey as having a lot of dog-like traits rare to cats (like playing fetch). Having said that, I did like Petey a lot. 

I liked the message about how important it is to be genuine, but was somewhat insulted about the way the people were characterized as so narrow-minded and judgmental. I live in a small town, go to a small church... I know some people are like that but... it was hard to bond with the characters when I felt more like defending small town believers. 

So, I would give this 3.5 stars but rounded up for the message and the cat.