Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It took me too long to admit -- but I figured out why I couldn't sign in and post on here. The Java was out of date. I had tried installing updates, but it didn't work. I downloaded the whole program and it seems to have worked. {crossing fingers}

That's me lately -- cleaning like a crazy woman. Why? I have great news -- my husband finally got a job. {doing happy dance} He's gone a lot but it's a job he likes and I'm so thankful for the opportunity.

It also means we will be moving back to Kansas. The first of March we need to be there. That gives us very little time to get the house ready to show, pack things up, clean again, and hopefully leave here with a sold house and not another rental agreement.

I have been sick as a dog (on top of the fibro) - and my husband is gone so much that this is an extra challenge. We're way behind where we'd like to be in this process. Still, it's exciting to think about all the changes that will be coming our way.

Any moving/cleaning advice? Any exciting changes you'd like to share?


Project Journal said...

Hey Lady Jane : )
I think of you often, my fellow Fibro warrior. Are you sick as in the flu of some sort? Or what? Fibro's misbehaving? I think of you quite frequently, hoping your pain is down.

Moving, wow! Exciting, kinda scary too huh? I've actually never moved, save for moving in and out of my college dorm rooms. I'd help ya if I could! I'm sorry you're sick and I'm sending up prayers for speedy recovery from that, okay?

Margaret Metz said...

Hannah - It's awesome to hear from you! How have you been? I don't know what exactly is wrong with me. I first got sick a couple weeks after moving here -- some kind of cold/flu that always morphs into bronchitis. The first time I ended up on three rounds of antibiotics plus steroids. The problem is that I never really got better. I would feel normal for up to a week and then I would be sick again. Being sick like that makes everything else worse - more pain, more sleeplessnes, more migraines . . . Not fun.

It won't kill me though, and maybe I'm allergic to something here that is making things worse. Moving will help then. :o)

Project Journal said...

Oh I'm okay, busy busy lol :) coming up on finals week at school = stressful!!!

So sorry to hear that :( :( :( I sure do understand how that goes with it making everything else worse though. Don't worry, I understand. I guess whenever possible, you need to just try to relax and take it easy.

Ah, that's an idea! I hope so. When are you actually moving?

Margaret Metz said...

I don't think I'll be able to take it easy much with getting ready for a move. I have a "to-do" list longer than some novels. lol

We are supposed to be in the new house the 1st of March. It seems like a long time, but with my energy level ... I just don't accomplish as much as I used to. Plus I'm still homeschooling my youngest.

Finals. I bet that is fun. I pray you remember everything you need to -- and have enough rest. Take your own advice and try and relax some. {hugs}

Angie said...

I've been staying busy so don't get to keep up with blogs that much any more so I'm a little late but Congrats on the job! I know moving is a lot of work and being sick doesn't help but I'll be praying everything goes smoothly and you get to feeling better soon. Are you excited about moving back to Kansas?

Margaret Metz said...

I am excited. It'll be good to be around the familiar again. I had an easier time finding doctors and -- well everything there. I wish we could just beam all our stuff there though. lol