Monday, October 7, 2013

Update - Conference, Computers & Kittens

So, picture me hanging my head in shame. I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while - a lot has been going on.
These are pics from my hotel room in Indianapolis. I went to the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. I was overwhelmed, but it was a wonderful trip and everyone was so nice.
Then my computer died. I had just bought it to replace one that died of old age. Thankfully it was replaced for free - but it was hard to be without it. :o(

I also picked up another responsibility - the cutest, and fluffiest one ever.

These are our two rescue kittens - Desmund and Esther.

Desmund is twice as big and heavy - he was rescued 3 weeks earlier than she was. Other than size, they are identical. Their mother was killed and Esther was starving and sick when we got her. I had to feed her every two hours - all day & night. She also has a heart condition. When she got the proper meds, she changed completely --
You can see where they shaved her -- but she is so playful and curious about everything now. She has gained over a pound and keeps up with her brother. She'll play with everything from my Bible - to a spot on the carpet. :o)

She also loves to snuggle and sunbathe on the couch.

On the health front, I have been pretty good and I am seeing results. I've lost 15 pounds. :o)

I have lots of books to write about, so I'll post again soon. I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed the pics.

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