Wednesday, November 20, 2013


In the "wow things sure have changed" category, I've been watching "Dragnet" reruns the last couple days. Though I want to go on record that I'm not old enough to have watched it when it first came out. {wink}

What struck me was that here was a show that (1) dealt with real life crime stories and nobody sued them. Not only did you see the investigation, but you also got to learn what happened at the trial. (2) The police and their methods were shown in a positive and respectful light. Some of what they did was boring, some was funny, and other situations were dangerous.

Most of today's "cop" shows have a lot of corruption, sex, swearing, even complaining about their own methods and the laws that the writers think infringe on rights. I have a hard time believing that detectives would sit around lamenting their ability to have access to evidence or suspects.

The perspective has changed. "Dragnet" reinforced respect for and the dedication of the police force. Today shows reflect more liberal values and they reinforce the ideas of corruption and other negatives.

I believe one thing the newer shows would envy about "Dragnet" : --- 16 seasons and 448 episodes (not including radio). "Dragnet" and Joe Friday are enduring symbols of integrity and service to the public. I am so thankful to the police, emergency services, and the US military. They sacrifice to make our nation free and safe. God bless them -- I am a big fan. :o)

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