Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Support

Summary: A tragic accident in the Carolina mountains leaves a young man paralyzed and in a coma. Soon, a fierce legal battle erupts between the man's wife who wants to terminate life support and the young man's father who wants to keep his son alive at all costs.  Caught up in the turmoil is a young female attorney who takes the case and finds out that her client's husband isn't the only person in need of life saving measures. 

My Take: This is a departure from the norm for me. This is a legal drama sort of book with elements of mystery and romance. 

There are all sorts of questions. You wonder who really has the best interests of Baxter at heart, if he's a good person, and does that matter in the end. One of the biggest questions many readers may grapple with (if they haven't already) is how they feel about the question of extended life support and when or if it should be stopped. 

Robert Whitlow examines all of this in the context of one case and one group of people who all seem to have questionable motives. The lawyer at the heart of it all only knows part of the story and has to try and navigate through treacherous waters. 

The book was well done and I was surprised by some of the plot developments. It read like a stand alone novel and I kept waiting for the big pay off and then there was this sort of sudden ending. That's when I went back and saw this is the first book in a series. It's not a cliffhanger - and almost everything is resolved so you don't feel frustrated or anything. It just feels like you've been walking on a fast escalator and suddenly stepped off onto the sidewalk. It's startling - which may have been exactly what the author was after.

I want to thank Thomas Nelson for providing my electronic copy for review.

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Angie said...

I don't know if I would want to read this (not a fan of legal drama) but it does sound interesting. It might be something my mom or hubby would like though. Thanks for the review! :)