Monday, August 1, 2011

Surrender the Dawn

Summary: You’ll be gasping for air in this seafaring romance by popular author and Christy Award nominee MaryLu Tyndall. Baltimore’s Cassandra Channing will do anything to provide for her family—even if it means hiring the town rogue as a privateer. Luke Heaton is a handsome rake with a tortured past who is blackmailed by the British into selling supplies to their ships just off the coast. Cassandra and Luke’s worlds collide as they are drawn into danger, secrets, romance, and war. But when the British begin to bombard Fort McHenry, how long can they protect their love—and each other?

My Take: I had this book pre-ordered for so long I almost forgot and was tempted so many times to enter for a copy ... {wink} The story didn't let me down at all. Although I thought the cover was very pretty, I did wish the model had red hair. Luke mentions her hair many times and the model has either very dark brown or black hair but certainly not the gorgeous red locks that so enchant Mr. Heaton.

Luke and Cassandra are a great couple. They are both likable in their own right and I loved their interactions as well. They have some of that ... "opposites attract" thing going for them but they are also both loyal to family, smart, resourceful, strong-willed, and they have had hard times in their past that make them reluctant to rely upon on believe in God. So they have a lot more in common than either would probably like to admit. More than that - they need each other.

That need starts off as a business relationship and leads down some very interesting and adventurous paths. There are betrayals, thefts, abductions, bribery ... Oh - and a great romance. Leave it to the imagination of Mary Lu Tyndall. :o) This is making the list of my favorites. I hope you'll put it on your TBR pile.


Angie said...

Sounds like another good book by Mary Lu Tyndall. I'm not sure if I have this one or not..which shows I probably have too many books! ;)

Margaret Metz said...

Angie - This is a brand new book. You would probably wouldn't have forgotten it already. I pre-ordered it and just got it last week.