Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings - Special Pets

Sometimes I just watch her a while when she's sleeping like this. For those of you who don't know, that is my eighteen year old Siamese cat. Of all my cats, she's the smallest, oldest, and she still is undeniably the queen of the house. She doesn't let any of the other animals push her around.

She's always had what I like to call ... quirks. Her eyes are the brilliant blue Siamese are known for but they quiver - or shake ever so slightly back and forth sometimes. I thought there might be something serious wrong with her, but it turned out to be somewhat disconcerting, but not a health threat. She also sheds so much that we wonder how she has any hair left on her body. I promise I have brushed her and had piles of hair left that would nearly make another cat. Our long-haired cat with a double coat doesn't shed like she does. Later in life we believe she became a NASCAR fan because she started walking in circles. She'll circle around us, the dogs ... a nice spot in the living room. She doesn't do them all the time, but she does seem to like it.

My mom bred Siamese cats and I love them - and cats in general (I'm an animal person - but cats hold a special place in my heart). They can have a reputation for being somewhat aloof -- preferring one person or just the family to strangers however. Not this lady. She's a total love bug. She craves attention from anyone who will give it to her and would prefer cuddling to just about anything else. We once had company over and he stepped on her by accident. We checked her over and set her down and she jumped up in his lap!

My pets all add so much to my life. This little lady has been with me the longest though - and I'm starting to worry about how much more time I'll have with her. Those beautiful eyes aren't seeing as well as they used to. We have to give her drops twice a day to help fix that. Too bad there isn't a medicine to keep them with us always.

Do you have any special pets you'd like to share about?


Angie said...

Oh, what a sweet baby you have. :) Have you had her since she was a kitten?

My mom has a cat that is the same can brush her and brush her and end up with a huge pile of hair that never stops.

We recently acquired a kitten at work and he's such a character. He LOVES to hang out in the bathroom. And if you leave the water running in the sink he will play in the water. He's a little ornery though and likes to pick on the other office cats sometimes. Such a cutie. :)

Margaret Metz said...

Angie - My mom had her since she was a kitten but I didn't get her until I was VERY pregnant with my youngest son. My mom gave her to me then as a kind of gift. She's been my love bug ever since.

I had to add that I also have a cat who likes playing in water. I thought it was pretty unique since most house cats avoid it unless they're getting a drink. My tuxedo cat, Faith, will splash around in smaller water bowls. We actually had to start having them drink out of the large dog bowls because she would constantly spill all the water out of her drinking bowl otherwise. Pets are so much fun. :o)