Friday, April 13, 2012

Fibro Fridays

One of the things that bothers me the most about Fibromyalgia and ... the medical community is that so many of them still aren't sure that it's real. They can't look at a patient and see anything wrong with them -- or do a test and find a certain result that explains it all ... so it must be depression, or an addiction to pain medication, or a mental illness ... or whatever.

Thankfully the research is starting to back up what so many of us have been saying for years. Hopefully it will produce more answers and better treatment options.

In the meantime, knowledge is key. Too many people I've talked to have either been so desperate for relief that they've spent hundreds (if not thousands) on special supplements and juices that promised miracles but never delivered. Others went in and were handed anti-depressants as soon as the word Fibromyalgia was mentioned -- even though they didn't feel depressed, at least not yet.

Just for a basic starting point, I'm going to link you to Web MD's page on Fibromyalgia today. If you have never heard of Fibromyalgia, pay close attention to the box near the bottom of the page that lists the symptoms. I can tell you that isn't a comprehensive list - but it still is pretty nasty.

If you have Fibromyalgia, and would be willing to share your story with me (which I may or may not be able to use in the book), contact me by clicking on my name on the top of my profile. There is a link there to contact me via email. Also, if you know any resources you think I should check out or share in the book or on the blog, let me know that too.

In the meantime I hope everyone has a great weekend. Gentle hugs all around.


Megan S. said...

You're writing a book about it? Is it a medical book about it? Or more a story about what you've gone through? I'd be fascinated to read it! Let me know when it comes out. As I said before, I have chronic fatigue. Some doctors have said it's fibro, but I don't know if it would fit the official diagnosis. Anyway, after 9 years of intense pain/fatigue, I am finally starting to get some relief/healing/answers! Let me know what your book is about, etc. Not sure if my story and the answers would fit what you're looking for. I love chatting with those who've gone through the same thing! Blessings, Megan

Margaret Metz said...

I've had people approach me who have a diagnosis but don't know anything about it and a lot who feel isolated. So, I'm planning on it being kind of like a support group in a book . . . telling my story and some stories of the people I know who have shared with me, some of the research that's been done, some of the things that have helped and not helped, places where people can connect, helpful organizations . . . that sort of thing. It isn't just about fibro either. It will cover the associated disorders.

Megan S. said...

That's really awesome! I can e-mail you my story when I get a chance. I love the support group thing, because any kind of disease like this brings isolation and lack of understanding from others. Thus a support group of any kind brings a lot of healing! Thanks for doing this! Megan

Margaret Metz said...

Glad you're excited. :o)