Friday, April 20, 2012

Fibro Fridays

I almost didn't post today. I am . . . frustrated. We had to find a new doctor because my old one moved away (with a month's notice). The new doctor seemed nice enough and told me she wasn't going to change my meds because everything was working. Then the time came to renew prescriptions and I have been waiting three weeks for my medications. Three weeks!

I can't count how many phone calls I've made to their office, my husband went to visit them in person, I've sent e-mails . . . and in the midst of this they are debating whether or not to change my medications. They have also decided to set conditions on some of them. I can have the script, but only if I work out -- and not just any work outs, but water aerobics. I am only five foot tall, failed beginner swimming and almost drowned twice when I was younger. I . . . loathe the water. I told them I am willing (and am already doing) workouts - just not in the water. I didn't do much over the winter, but I'm back in gear and doing much better (before I ran out of pain medication).

How wrong is it for me to be upset that they only give me one choice? Am I wrong to be upset that it is taking this long and the doctor is changing her mind and then only offering me one choice for a workout?

I may be looking yet again for a doctor. I hope your week is going better than mine. Any great or not so great doctor stories to share?

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