Friday, June 1, 2012

Fibro Fridays - IBS & Fibro

Today I read this article on Web MD discussing the possible link between IBS and Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When I was diagnosed my Rheumatologist told me they were linked. Most of the literature I've read still supports this, but so little is known about the cause(s) of IBS, Fibro (and all the other chronic disorder linked with Fibro) that it's very difficult for anyone to give concrete answers.

It's somewhat frustrating that the causes of Fibro are still not known (let alone any truly effective treatment/cure) and sometimes the "experts" contradict each other more often than they agree.  

What's reassuring is that more and more the truth is getting out about the very real pain people with these disorders are feeling. It's also sad but true that there is a stigma attached to these disorders with doctors and the general population that we are still fighting. Perhaps with more of these articles, more studies, more awareness . . . it will be easier to find doctors that won't dismiss complaints, better treatments, and a way to fight Fibro and win!  

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