Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prize of My Heart

Summary: An unsolved mystery separates ex-privateersman Captain Brogan Talvis from his lost son--his only living relation, his only family. Shortly before her tragic demise, his wife abandoned their infant to strangers, refusing to reveal the child's whereabouts. Now, three years later, Brogan has discovered the boy at the home of a shipbuilder's daughter, Lorena Huntley.Lorena guards a dark secret about her young charge. She finds herself falling for the heroic captain who has come to claim his newly built ship, unaware his motive for wooing her is to befriend the boy he plans on reclaiming as his own--until the day another's evil deceit leaves her helplessly shipbound, heading toward England.As the perfect opportunity to reclaim his son unfolds, Brogan is haunted by thoughts of Lorena in her dire circumstance, and he is forced to make a heartrending choice between his child and the woman who has begun to capture his heart. But only his unselfish sacrifice can win him the greatest prize of all--love.

My Take: I love, love, love -- these great books about slightly dangerous captains, seafaring adventures, mysterious secrets, and fabulous romance. This one adds family ties and even some humor to the mix. Stir and bake with a handsome hero and feisty heroine and there is a recipe for a wonderful book!

Brogan Talvis is the perfect name for our somewhat rakish hero. He is determined to get his son, no matter what it takes - even if he must pretend to court Lorena in order to accomplish his goals. His career as a privateer has made him very wealthy but some see him as little more than a pirate, and his abandoned faith doesn't make him seem more trustworthy or appealing. 

Lorena is fiercely loyal to her family and very trusting of those around her. She is a talented baker and quite content with her life - until Captain Talvis walks into her life. She is like a momma Grizzly protecting her cub one moment - and drawn to him almost against her will the next. 

This is one of those books that truly reminded me of a well-balanced recipe. There was some action, some romance, some mystery, some humor . . . none of it took over the book. The end has surprising twists and turns you won't expect at all. I loved that the author included an epilogue to let us know what happened in their lives down the road.


Diane Estrella said...

I keep seeing this book everywhere and it sounds wonderful. Hugs and have a great weekend! :O)

Margaret Metz said...

Diane - Thanks for stopping by and I hope you try the book!