Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Windows 8

Right before we moved my computer died. It is interesting to note it was exactly four days after the warranty expired. Four days. {sigh} I use and depend on my computer for so much that I needed a replacement fast.

So, I bought a new computer and it came pre-installed with Windows 8. I hadn't heard much about it at the time and I thought it was just an upgraded Windows 7.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Here is my completely unprofessional (I'm not a computer expert) opinion of my experience with Windows 8 . . .

I hated it.

Okay, so that wasn't very helpful. Windows 8 appears to be designed to use on touchscreens. It operates like the apps you use on your phone or e-reader. That is great if you have a touchscreen -- not so much if you are using a regular computer. There is no start button and a lot of your programs are hidden away and difficult to find.

Navigation in general is very different in Windows 8. Your control panel and other settings that used to be so easy to find with a start menu are . . .  hiding. I stumbled upon the control panel once and then couldn't remember how I got there the next time because I had tried so many things. {grrrr} You hover your mouse on the sides or bottom of the screen to try and access other menus. Make sure you hit just the right spot though . . . or it won't pull up.

The music isn't handled by Media Player anymore; they use the X-Box music software. A lot of people love that on the X-Box, but it isn't as user friendly for the computer. The same goes for their pdf reader. I couldn't print anything from it - so unless you just want to look at the pdf, it was basically useless and annoying. The same sort of thing is true for the program that handles pictures.

The good news is that you can install a start button that pulls up a start menu and replace the standard music, pdf, and photo programs with more user friendly and familiar versions. I did that and I now have a good mix of both worlds.

I'm still learning the system and maybe with more time it won't feel so awkward. Anyone else started using Windows 8? Do you love or hate it?

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