Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet My Pride

I have learned so much from my cats and I figured if I was going to share about it - you might to know who is who. So, I would love to introduce you to my pride. I say "pride" not because I'm proud of them (though I am) but because I have 9 cats - my very own pride.

This elegant poofball is the elder statesman of the group, Thomas. He is 8 years old and a confirmed Teddy Bear. We think he might be a mix with a Norwegian Forest cat. He is bigger than the average cat, fluffy, and has fur tufts between the pads of his feet.

This very dignified lady was adopted the same time as Thomas and she is the same age. She is a beautiful Tuxedo cat and a confirmed couch potato. She has no poise and is usually belly up.

Next up is Gandalf. He is a couple years old and smarter than all the other cats combined. He gets into cabinets, opens doors, gets on shelves I thought were inaccessible... He is heavier than he looks and very strong. He also loves to cuddle and jumps right into your lap to get head rubs.

I love this picture of Desmund because it looks like he has a huge head and no body. He is a healthy boy though, almost a year old. He is one of two cats rescued from under our local courthouse. He is very sweet and gets along with everyone. He is quiet though and likes hidey holes.

Okay, I love all my cats but Esther is special. She had a lot of health problems and injuries when she was rescued from the courthouse - but now she is healthy, shiny, and sassy. She is also wonderful with all the other cats and people. She has surprising habits like waiting until everyone else has eaten before she does. She grooms the smaller kittens and cuddles with them when they cry. She is a very special cat.

Danny is my slinky baby. He resembles a water balloon - wriggly, always changing shape, and tumbling out or over whatever he is on or in. He couldn't be sweeter either. He's very long and lean and lives for face rubs but doesn't like kisses. ;-)

I waited on Maya because she's the momma to our two youngest. She is hard to take pictures of because she's always moving. She's a very pretty calico girl with very long legs and an elegant face. She loves to carry around toys while meowing like she's caught dinner.

This is a picture of Tayla. This picture shows her long legs. She loves to cuddle and tickles with her kitty kisses while she purrs in your ear. She loves to chase wand toys and her brother.

This is Max. You can see he has one blue and one green eye. He has his mom's triangular face. He is very laid back, confident, and easy going. He plays hard and then cuddles hard.

So those are my furbabies. I'd love to hear about yours.

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