Monday, May 7, 2012

Happily Ever After - Part 2 Heroes

Look at your typical romance cover and we may likely drool and possibly swoon. Read between the pages and you'll find handsome, strong, brave, tall, and impossible stubborn and old-fashioned men. Sure they get the old day-dreams going for the knight on a white horse to carry us away from our concrete jungle, but would we really want to stick around them for very long?

I was talking to a friend of mine and she was lamenting over how stubborn the heroine was in her book. "She won't give him a chance and he's being so kind and considerate. I mean, he even lets her read!"

Seriously? Wow, what a liberty. What would we do to a man today that didn't let us read? He wouldn't be up for hero status, that's for sure. Now before you scalp me and tell me things were different back then - I know that. Don't tell me all those books are being historically accurate with their heroines that are feminist and always trying to be just like the men. It just didn't happen - nor was it tolerated. We let that go because we like reading about feisty leading ladies.

To be fair I have read some very forward thinking male characters as well. They just don't happen to appear as often. One friend suggested it's because in "escape literature" it's nice to think of someone strong taking charge and carrying the load for us. Another said they're the bad boys we read about but wouldn't really want to have for real.

What do you think?

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