Monday, May 14, 2012

Happily Ever After - Part 3 - If & When

In our desire and search for happiness, we often trip on words like "if" and "when." We say things like, "If only I had enough money for ______" or "When I get ________ that's when I'll know I've made it, when I can relax and be happy."

Sometimes we even get to that benchmark. The problem is that we rarely notice because we've spotted the next one down the line. I don't know about you but I remember making statements like these ever since I was a little girl. I think my first "if/when" statement was about making it to high school. That seems like forever ago. If only that really was the secret to my eternal happiness. :o)

All this focus on benchmarks makes us miss the real point of life - the real source of joy. It comes from the journey itself and all the people, lessons, love and blessings you have along the way. You have to take the time to enjoy it for the gift it is though. That's why they call it the present.

When I was preparing this I was reminded of an essay that came out right before I graduated that speaks to this point so eloquently that I'd love for you to read it yourself. It's called The Station by Robert J. Hastings.

Have a wonderful day! :o)

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