Friday, June 22, 2012

Fibro Fridays - Lean on Me

As we travel through this life with chronic illness (and even without it) we find out very quickly that it's impossible to make it without a good support system. Fibromyalgia and the associated disorders are known to be triggered by stress. There is no way to avoid all stress in your life.

What you can do is refuse to become isolated. Share your experiences - good and bad - with people you care about. The old saying about how friendship doubles your joys and divides your sorrows is true. Having people you trust to go to when things get tough helps you have the strength to continue on. They also can help stop you from battling depression and believing lies.

What lies?
  • That it's really all in our heads.
  • That we can't do anything worthwhile because of our "limitations."
  • That we deserve this pain.
  • That nobody cares.
  • That we'll never feel any better.
  • That nobody else feels like we do or can relate to how feel.
And on and on.

We all need someone to count on. We all need help sometimes. Don't be afraid to accept it. Then we you have the chance - you can return the favor. I hope you all have a great weekend. Gentle hugs.

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I sent you an email -- or hope I did. ;)