Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings - Cleaning

I may not have mentioned it on the blog yet, but we may be moving (again) and have fairly short notice to get the house ready to sell. {groan} That means we have to try and do a lot of organizing and cleaning to not only prepare to move ourselves - but also to show the house at the same time. Let me admit right now that it isn't even close for either goal.

This makes me think of those pictures from the 1950s -- you know the ones. The women were doing housework with smiles on their perfectly made-up faces. Their hair was done, the had painted fingernails and always had on a pretty dress and jewelry as well.

Am I the only one that this makes think of a fantasy novel? I do not clean dressed up like this and I don't know anyone who does. It's almost as realistic as little birds coming in to help make her dress and finish the sweeping. Maybe they were made of different stuff back then . . . or maybe it was all about the image. I'm not entirely sure.

I can tell you that this is more what I look like when cleaning my house. I wear old rags, my hair is a mess, I'm always lugging around too much stuff, and I am generally wishing it was over before I start. I do like the results though. Like now -- I can actually see the surface of my desk. I won't be able to find anything until a couple months after the move (and I cover the surface again), but it looks pretty for now. :o)

I hope you'll be patient with me while I'm in the midst of my housecleaning. I may not be able to keep the schedule I promised until we settle down. Change is hard, but exciting.

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Joanne Bischof said...

I can totally relate to photo number two! The only thing missing are the two toddlers at the table doing homeschooling and the baby in his highchair! Life can be so busy! Sounds like you may have a busy time ahead. Best of luck with your new adventure!