Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pet Peeves

Like my jellyfish friend, I am occasionally annoyed and I bet you are too. I often feel better if I share, so here are some of my most recent pet peeves.

My house is in a neighborhood with beautiful walking paths that meander through and around small wooded areas, ponds, and even a lake. My back yard faces the path and because the back yard is so narrow - it often feels like people are walking right through my back yard. I can deal with that. What is weird is when people slow down and stare into my house. It makes me feel like I'm on display --- like an animal at the zoo. {shudder}

I watch entirely too much TV. That means too many commercials too. Some of them just seem callous and hurtful. One is a woman selling a program for difficult and rebellious children. She brags that she knows the methods work because she used them on her own son. {Ouch!} I wonder how her son feels about it - and what kind of relationship she has with him now.

Another one has a couple young women with their mother. They are talking about an accident their father and her husband recently had - how it could have been much worse. One of the girls asks if they have looked into life insurance. Really? I would be much more concerned with comforting my mother and helping out in any way I could instead of reminding them of the possibility of death and making sure I didn't have to pay if something happened.

How about you? Any pet peeves you'd like to share?


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Yeahhhh.... I've heard that life insurance commercial and thought it was pretty callous too! TV commercials are getting worse and worse I think. The infomercials are THE WORST!

Margaret Metz said...

I totally agree. A lot of the shows have very thinly veiled commercials in them now too. Characters showing off their Windows 8 tablets -- others talking about the features in their new car... :-(