Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Catio

Welcome to my catio! I have indoor cats but they love being outside. They race to open windows to birdwatch, smell the flowers and grass, and watch insects and people go to and fro. (This is Maya relaxing by the welcome mat.)

Seeing how much they loved the outside - but wanting them to be safe - I looked at catios and enclosures. I didn't have a lot of money but I did have a screened in porch that we almost never used.
(Gandalf relaxes on a shelf.)

We bought heavy duty screening that is pet resistant. We keep their claws clipped and haven't had any holes. We do sit out there with them most of the time though. Although we couldn't afford a bunch of custom cat shelves and trees that were weatherproof, we could use patio furniture in creative ways. (Tayla lounging on the table)

Plant shelves for outdoors come in lots of styles and materials. We bought various heights and materials and some of the cats like to climb high and some like to lay under the shelves. They love the different textures - but the smaller the holes, the more comfortable it is for them to walk on. (Esther sunbathing half under a shelf.)

The screening prevents bugs from getting in and the indoor/outdoor carpeting is another texture and comfy place to play. The cats seem more confident and get kitty energy out there instead of running through the house or ambushing each other. We have a water fountain out there for them and I often bring out the wand toys too. Have any of you created an outdoor space for your cats?


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

This is so adorable! All of your cats are so cute!

Margaret Metz said...

Thank you! I spoil them just a tiny bit. ;-)