Tuesday, July 23, 2013

By Grace Alone - Review

Summary: Do you sometimes feel trapped by a set of religious rules? Does your walk with God feel more like a checklist than a relationship? Do you feel as though you don't really measure up?

This book is for you.

Trusted Bible teacher Derek Prince shows you that being a Christian is not about being perfect. In fact, he says, we can never live up to the letter of the law. It is only when we let go of our constant striving for perfection that we encounter true perfection. How can that be? This one book will help you discover what really matters and embrace the grace of a loving, compassionate God.

It's time to stop striving, to walk away from the lies of legalism and to experience the freeing power of His all-encompassing grace.

My Take:

I think one of the biggest problems facing the church of today is legalism or a works based righteousness. It is perfectly natural -- the world we live in judges by performance. It is very hard to give up that mindset. Some of it is just our experiences and "worldly" influence and teachings and some of it is pride. We think we need to earn it -- and that we're capable.

In reality, we need to humbly come before God and recognize that our righteousness is like rags. We need to recognize that He is the one who saves, equips, and makes us right with God.

It's a powerful and important mindset. I think this book delivers the message very well and backs up points with Scripture. I appreciated what he was saying - but I wish the book didn't read so much like a textbook. It would have been better if it was more personal --- and included stories from real people about how their life was changed when they accepted true grace.

Still, it's very good book and though I am thankful Chosen gave me a copy, it in no way influenced my review. 

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