Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Combatting Emotional Eating

Anyone who is preparing for battle looks at who the enemy is and then chooses the appropriate weapon. My enemy is emotional eating. 
So, what is my strategy to combat emotional eating? I have a couple things in my arsenal. 

The first tool is to try and avoid the stress and exhaustion that cause emotional eating. This can include anything from trying to get more sleep, taking better care of my overall health, or dealing with stressors openly so they go away. Maybe call a friend to talk things over, write in a journal about what’s bothering me, or do something relaxing and indulgent (like a bubble bath, getting a massage, or maybe a new haircut). 

If that doesn’t work or isn’t an option, then maybe I’ll drink water (dehydration can sometimes disguise itself as hunger), and then try a distraction. It could be a walk on the treadmill (or any form of exercise), playing a game, gardening, cracking open that new book I’ve been wanting to read . . . The idea is to do something pleasurable and good for you in some way. If I’m still hungry 20 – 30 minutes later, then I go ahead and eat something small and healthy. 

The point isn’t to starve or deprive myself, it’s to make better choices and more healthful patterns.

What are your ideas to ward off emotional eating?

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