Monday, July 15, 2013



Just the word is horrible and sends shivers down my spine. I know you’ve heard all the jokes about how “diet” starts with die – so I’ll let that go and just say I wish I could get the negative connotation out of my head. A diet is just how you eat. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone is hiding all the good stuff from you. I have that on a post-it. So far it isn’t working. {wink}

About a year ago I was so disgusted with my weight I decided to take myself out of the equation. I had meals delivered to my house that were supposed to help me lose weight and control calories. I did it for about two months and gained 4 pounds while paying through the nose for food I didn’t always like. I was grouchy and it cost a lot of money. Since the only results were bad – I stopped. 

It did help me in one way though. I saw over and over what portion sizes were supposed to be. Although I don’t always overindulge – there are times I eat way beyond what I should have. It also reinforced that just putting certain foods in wasn’t going to solve my problem. I needed a more balanced approach.

Food is important though. I need to learn to see it as fuel. I tend to overeat when I don’t feel well and when I’m tired. It’s a kind of emotional eating. Eating isn’t really going to solve those problems. 

I'll talk more about how I am trying to combat emotional eating next time. In the meantime, do you have problems with emotional eating? What triggers it for you? Do you know ahead of time that you're eating for comfort or do you only realize it later?

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